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 Vendelsömalsvägen 203, 13666 Vendelsö

    073 21 80 970

 Vendelsömalsvägen 203, 13666 Vendelsö

    073 21 80 970

Lash lift


Shaped, well-groomed and colored eyebrows and lashes will enhance your eyes as well as the beauty of your entire face. We help you get naturally beautiful curved eyelashes that last for a longer time. Or if you want to color your eyebrows and lashes beautiful, we take care of and help you in a professional way. 

In our Lash lift treatment, we bend your own eyelashes from the root. The result is that the lashes look longer and your eyes will give a more vibrant impression. Lash lift is a gentler alternative to lash extensions and with less maintenance. 

To give your Lash lift treatment an extra boost, we use Keratin which improves the elasticity of the eyelash and strengthens the straw from the inside and minimizes the risk of it breaking off. The result is that the Lash lift treatment lasts longer. Lash lift only works on natural lashes, not extensions.

Do a Lash lift treatment regularly so you always fall asleep and wake up just as beautiful.


Before we start your treatment, we go through your wishes, how much you want to bend your lashes and what conditions there are for you. If you want to color your lashes, we also show you what color tone you want on your lashes. 

We use a silicone coil that is placed on top of the eyelids. Then gently bend your lashes around the silicone spool and attach. Then two different liquids are applied which make your lashes beautifully curved. The treatment ends with the lashes and possibly the eyebrows being dyed to further enhance the impression of your Lash lift. 

As the last part of the Lash lift treatment, we apply a caring serum with Keratin on your eyelashes. The keratin strengthens, lengthens and gives your lashes a nice glow. We also offer you the opportunity to buy with the serum for continued use at home.


In order for us to achieve the best results with your Lash lift treatment, you should come to us without make-up around the eyes. Also remember to remove any lenses and not to use waterproof mascara 48 hours before the treatment. 

Since we do not do a lash extension, the result of course depends a lot on what your own lashes look like and their length. If you are unsure if you have long enough lashes, contact us before and we can together decide if the treatment is right for you.


Remember not to use mascara or wet lashes for the first 24 hours after your treatment. This can lead to deteriorating results. Be careful not to rub your lashes during the first 24 hours. 

Do not use make-up remover or oil products around the eyes or on the lashes for the next 48 hours. Unfortunately, there may be a risk that the lash permanent will drop and the lashes will regain their original shape if this is not followed.



A Lash lift lasts for about 6-10 weeks, depending on how fast the growth cycle on the lashes is. 

If you want to keep your curved eyelashes, we recommend a new Lash lift after 6-10 weeks. 

The color of the lashes usually fades slightly after 4-6 weeks, but if you want to improve the color with a lash coloring, you can do so without risking ruining the effect on your Lash lift.